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All the prisoners on this site have signed a strict contract allowing imprisonment for an indefinite period of time. The prison is controlled by 3 guards that change out every 8 hours. The profits from this site are split between shares held by both the guards and the prisoners. As long as the site has a minimum amount of active paying members, all parties will be bound under contract.

All prisoners are held under this contract without rights to end it. The guards are in place to do the job of holding the prisoners regardless of their current disposition. Some days a prisoner may wish to leave and break the contract, the guards are in place to make sure that the prisoners follow through with their part of the contract.

All girls are shackled and locked in a cell 24 hours a day, some with short shower breaks nightly. The prisoners are only allowed to wear the prison uniform listed under their contract. All girls must go barefoot, shoes and socks are not allowed in the prison, except for the guards. All prisoners are kept in ankle shackles 24 hours a day, even during shower breaks.

Some prisoners have provisions in their contract allowing torture and added bondage. This added bondage and torture is administered and decided by the guard on duty.

All girls are real prisoners and have no rights to freedom as stated in their contracts. The paying members decide the period of imprisonment.